Conley Suites

Fox Room  $89.00 per night


Why is this room named the Fox Room? 

Each room is named after a famous artist of earlier times.  You see, my husband and I share a love for art, antiques, and good design.  R Atkinson Fox is the inspiration for this room.  Although the room holds only a couple of his prints, the love of this artist is represented well in the color and atmosphere of this space.  This is the smallest of our three room, however perfect for a couple or someone traveling alone that would like to stay in a beautiful, quiet and nice space.

The Fox Room has its own one person Jacuzzi tub, as well as Wi Fi, TV, and very tiny electric fireplace sure to help you feel comfortable and special during your stay.  This room rents for $89.00 per day every day, which includes a full breakfast daily, a queen size bed, and comfort for one or two.  The weekly rate is $414.00 per week, which includes full breakfast daily, room refresh at your request, and full service cleaning once during the week if you prefer.  Call for a reservation soon!